Genesis Skin Co. is a plant-based skin, hair & feminine hygiene care brand powered by love, light, ayurveda, plants + science! That’s it! No artificial dyes or fragrances. Just the good stuff! Genesis Skin Co.’s skin care products are formulated to help you to achieve the best-looking skin you’ve ever had! Genesis Skin Co.’s feminine care products are power packed with herbs that keep you feeling clean, refreshed & balanced all day long. Genesis Skin Co. hair products are formulated to repair, grow, retain and maintain healthy hair from root to tip!

Genesis Skin Co. was started in 2013 in my college dorm room. I was losing my hair in clumps and ultimately had to have an undercut/ big chop because my hair was irreparable. I was given a prescription shampoo (Nizoral) by my dermatologist and a steroid shot but, my hair was still in shambles! I decided to take matters into my own hands & used what I learned from my grandparents & BOOKS (I checked out over 20 books in the library on plants & herbs and how to heal/regrow hair). It took me a little over a month to formulate our best-seller, the 20-in-1 ingredient Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil & The Aloe & Avocado Repair + Hydrate Mud Mask. My hair not only grew tremendously (waist length)  but, the health of my hair was so noticeable that I was making batches by the dozens for my classmates, professors, family and friends. Word of mouth led me to over 3000 sales in person & on Etsy and 100+ 5-star reviews. These 5 star reviews are a testimony of Genesis not only transforming myself & my customers’  hair and skin, but making taking care of it just a little bit easier.

Our mission here at Genesis comes right from our name. The word Genesis in Greek means: origin or the source. This is exactly where all of our products begin, from the source of Mother Nature and that is how we stand by our promise in providing quality, natural products handcrafted with true ingredients that heal, nourish and protect. All of our products are handmade in the USA, cruelty free, packaged with recyclable materials (50% glass & bamboo). Our products do not contain petroleum, sodium lauryl or other harmful chemicals. We do not test on animals and make a very strong effort to support fair trade and sustainable businesses to source herbs and botanicals whenever possible!